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India has two distinct types of Business Incubators (BI): Technology Business Incubators (TBI) and Startup Incubators (SI).

TBIs primarily concentrate on promoting technology-based businesses by offering consultancy services, whereas SIs aim to support emerging companies by assisting them in scaling, developing prototypes, acquiring patents, and more.

Many HEIs and Universities are promoting business incubators on their campuses, but the process of setting up, managing, and successfully running these incubators can be quite challenging. Fortunately, the experts at VSRSEC have solutions to help emerging entrepreneurs advance their businesses within these incubators. 

Are you willing to start a BI or your BI is set up but yet to deliver?  Interested Institutions are requested to contact VSRSEC with details at or fill up the form below for professional consultancy. Our Support team will contact you immediately ensuring fruitful results. 



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